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Looking to Adopt


There are multiple requirements for adoption, which sometimes include home studies, home investigations, and multiple background checks. Whether you are just beginning the process or have already been matched with birth parents, we are happy to help guide you through the next steps. Call or email to book a consultation. 


Knowing what you seek is very important at the time you consult with an attorney. You or you and your spouse need to be in full agreement about what you seek, including: newborn or older child, acceptance of drugs, acceptance of other races, amount of money you are willing to spend, and how far you will search (are you willing to pursue an interstate adoption or do you need to remain in Kentucky for financial reasons). Discuss your preferences before booking a consultation.

The Cost of Adoption

The cost of an adoption is dependent on three things: The time in the pregnancy at which a Birth mother or Birth parents seek services, the specific personal needs she may have and whether she has or can acquire Medicaid or other private insurance to cover the cost of the medical expenses. Additionally, there is the cost of the attorney for each party, meaning the placing parents and the receiving parents. There are other lesser fees, but those are the larger ones. The receiving (adopting) parents cover all costs. There is no cost to the birthparent(s).

Finalizing Your Adoption

The attorney representing the birth parents cannot also represent the receiving parents. The receiving parents will be responsible for paying all the associated costs and in Kentucky, the costs must be court approved at the adoption. Your attorney is responsible for preparing the legal documents which are determined by the facts of your case. 

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