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Pregnant and Considering Adoption

Is Adoption the Answer?

In the event of an unplanned pre gnancy, you have several options and should explore them all before making a final decision. You can always change your decision and firm decisions can be made a t the time of birth.

With adoption, you can select the adoptive parents, meet with them, discuss important topics, and make an informed decision as to which person or couple will be the best to parent your child.

If you are planning to do an interstate adoption in which you place your child with parents in a different state, you need to check the laws of that state to be sure you like how it will impact your case. You have the option of following the law of the receiving state, which can sometimes present unique challenges. Ask any questions you have and thoroughly consider this before making a firm decision to do an interstate adoption.

Financial Ass​istance

State laws vary on what expenses you may receive. Depending on which state laws are used for placement, it is possible to have rent, clothing, food, transportation, utilities, and other pregnancy-related expenses paid for you or reimbursed to you. 

Legal Process

The consent to the adoption of your child by another couple is typically signed  72 hours after the birth. There are a few states that sign sooner and some that wait longer before signing. If we follow the law of the receiving state, we sign in accordance with their law.

The legal process of some states requires a court appearance, but in most states, signing out-of-court consents is sufficient.

We are Here to Help

We listen to what you want and answer your questions. We offer support and legal help as you need it. Call or email for more information.

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